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After the anniversary – New ideas, new projects, new events

...ebinars (by Alastair Creelman – NAP SC). In fact, one of the leading ideas behind the decision to offer webinars is to make the most of such tools and use them in the most inte...

2129 days ago

EDEN is Different

...needed for the countless groups of teachers, developers and instructors to identify, if not the best, at least correct solutions in the jungle of tools and concepts. The knowledge i...

2364 days ago


June, 2019

...f digital learners? "The blossoming EdTech sector has begun to overwhelm higher education with innovative educational tools that can spice up the learner...

1255 days ago

May, 2019 Part 1

...ay be approached in a variety of perspectives/foci: new educational environments; learning designs for including education; affordances of digital tools for including education; crea...

1289 days ago

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How to use the NAP tools

EDEN 2014 Group features As a member of this group you can collaborate with the other group members to create and manage common contents like pages, files, blog...

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CC BY-NC Some rights reserved by sadmafioso

...attitudes and traditions. There are plenty of resources, technologies, tools, methods and gifted educators...rning most people still expect to be formally trained in new skills and tools and that means classroom teac...

3099 days ago

UEmploy EU Report

...project, an EU LLP funded project under the Leonardo da Vinci intiative (510784-LLP-1-2010-1-RO-LEONARDO-LMP). It highlights the role of web-based tools and supports to guide special...

3873 days ago

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Comment on "Synergy WG: The role of ICT and digital competencies in excluded / at risk groups' lives"

...e are particularly interested in: Policy in ECEC, Quality in ECEC; Continuous training of ECEC staff, Exchange with peers on educational materials/tools and on daily didactical routi...

3104 days ago