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The Silver Lining of Research in ODE - Interview with Olaf Zawacki-Richter

Interview by Eva Suba   He has been embedded in the open, distance and at the #EDEN14 Annual Conference in Zagreb!   Read more keynote interviews here.   About E...

2247 days ago

3 Questions for New EURODL Chief Editor Ulrich Bernath

...or EMD CEL Pogramme Accreditation for Technology-Enhanced Learning. For more detailed information see his CV.   Read his 2012 interview  |  Dr Bernath on t...

2277 days ago

The Challenges of a Contemporary Educator - Terry Anderson Interview

Interview by Steve Wheeler, Plymouth Universi...out of your busy schedule for this interview, Terry. My first question...face observations, measurements and interviews is challenging. Finally...ual Conference in Zagreb! Read more interviews here.   About E...

2297 days ago

The Open, The Digital and The Face-to-Face - Prof. Jeff Haywood in Interview

...Sweden) sat down for an in-depth interview prior to the Conference to di...inkers who have real skills. The interview touches on hot topics such as...en Online Courses. Watch the Interview: Or click here:...Conference in Zagreb! Read more interviews here.   About E...

2312 days ago

Why Anna Kirah thinks we should get rid of the blinders in education

...d when Helen Keegan agreed to interview EDEN 2013 keynote speaker Ann...ry-teller texture feel of the interview. Thanks to the wonderfully op...Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed in advance of your hotly an...eloukee).   This interview is published in the framework...

2610 days ago

Education and Ecstasy instead of Education and Agony

an interview with Dr. Bernard Luskin, President-elect of the...eract with each other.   ES: In your interview of 2006 you said you think we...utting them all together.   This interview is published in the framework...

2626 days ago

Living in the age where "knowing" may be obsolete

Interview with Sugata Mitra by Steve Wheeler The media and education worlds have b...d. I managed to catch up with him to interrupt his busy schedule for a brief interview ahead of his keynote at the E...

2675 days ago

Let's Make Literacy Attractive: an Interview with David White

...e, former Director at the European Commission's DG Education and Culture, is motivated to learn. Watch him responding to 3 questions in this interview:

2834 days ago

Learning Knowledge and Wisdom for All in Late Modernity - Bob Fryer's keynote speech is a 'right' way of learning in today's society. He later elaborated some of his concepts left out from the speech in an interview (see his interview here on EDEN's blog below...

2835 days ago