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Steve Wheeler interviews June Breivik on Disruptive Education in Oslo | VIDEO

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3448 days ago

Why Anna Kirah thinks we should get rid of the blinders in education

- an interview by Helen Keegan   When two like-minded people meet, an inspiring conversation is the result. This is exactly what happened when Helen Keegan agreed to interview EDEN 2013 keynote speaker Anna Kirah. Helen took the initiative and started a virtual conversation wit...

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3482 days ago

Education and Ecstasy instead of Education and Agony

an interview with Dr. Bernard Luskin, President-elect of the American Psychological Association’s Society for Media Psychology and Technology by Eva Suba    Learning psychologist Bernard Luskin has a series of prizes and an entire carreer in academic institutions. Dr...

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3497 days ago

Living in the age where "knowing" may be obsolete

Interview with Sugata Mitra by Steve Wheeler The media and education worlds have been buzzing over the last few days about the work of a quiet, unassuming Indian born professor. Born in Calcutta in 1952, Sugata Mitra started his academic career in computational and molecular science. His l...

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3546 days ago

Let's Make Literacy Attractive: an Interview with David White

'The absolutely vital about education is that people who are getting it have to want it.' Motivation is the key for learning and David White, former Director at the European Commission's DG Education and Culture, is motivated to learn. Watch him responding to 3 questions in this in...

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3705 days ago

Technology Divides and Builds Bridges: Morten Paulsen

This mini-interview with Morten F. Paulsen, President of EDEN, was made in Porto at the EDEN Annual Conference 2012. The discussion went around the theme: Open Learning Generations - Closing the gap from "Generation Y" to the mature Lifelong Learners.&...

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3714 days ago

I Am a Sort of Guinea Pig for Principles that I Have Advocated

In our series of interviews with keynote speakers at the 2012 EDEN Annual Conference, Steve Wheeler sat down with David White for a chat.   David White is Honourary Director General at the European Commission, and is a passionate believer in lifelong learning. Ahead of hi...

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3860 days ago