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Reinventing Universities: The critical role of leadership

...In order to share a personal insight on these complex processes, I've invited today my dear friend Belinda Tynan to contribute to the EDEN President's Blog. Belinda is a wide...

1539 days ago

All that glitters is not gold: Current trends and future challenges for quality assurance in the fields of open learning and eLearning

...nd the globe. Oslo: The International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE).     Ebba Ossiannilsson is the Vice-President of the Swedish Association fo...

1568 days ago

Looking ahead to the 25th anniversary year

As I predicted in the EDEN President's Blog one year ago (see here) 2015 proved to be a very good and successful year for EDEN. The European open, distance and e-learning commun...

1665 days ago

Openness Remains the Best Answer: In the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks

...or positive role. We therefore call our members to stand for and act in favour of openness, tolerance and dialogue. Antonio Teixeira EDEN President

1694 days ago

Welcome to the Next 25 Years: EDEN Celebrates its Past, Present and Future - Guest post by Alan Tait

...s is particular the case for the presidents. Fortunately, we have a spec...been appointed with a past EDEN President, Alan Tait chairing it. The u...6! And very proud to be asked by President Antonio Teixeira to chair the...will ask a number of former EDEN Presidents, Fellows and Senior Fellows...

1854 days ago

EDEN Fellow Awards Laudations at the Welcome Reception of the EDEN 2015 Annual Conference

...reland EDEN Fellow, Vice-President of the EDEN Executive Committ...0 he was elected as EDEN Vice-President. Albert Sangra UN...Observatory in Portugal, Vice-President of the Information Society Fo...ov Katz Professor Emeritus, President, Bar-Ilan University, Israel...

1855 days ago

EDEN Train from Zagreb to Barcelona – Get on Board!- Invited Guest Post by Sandra Kucina

...eling I knew everyone and that all of us worked together to ensure positive and creative atmosphere. Under the leadership of the new EDEN president, Antonio Teixeira, and the co...

1868 days ago

Losing Control: The true democratisation of learning - Keynote interview with Albert SangrĂ 

...-learning. Ebba is also a Project Manager at Lund University in Sweden, MSc OTR, EDEN Fellow and Members of the NAP Steering Committee, and President of SVERD (The Swedish Associa...

1868 days ago

Collaboration Is Key: The power of togetherness - Phone Interview with Darcy Hardy and Marci Powell

...N15 Pre-Conference Interview: Collaboration is Key: The power of togetherness. Marci Powell, Chair Emerita and Past President of USDLA and Darcy Hardy, Associate Vice President, Blackboard, USA discuss thei...

1874 days ago

Web Presence, Social Media and Digital Identity - Guest post by Deborah Arnold

...and dear friend Deborah Arnold as a new Vice-president specifically dedicated to the...role and to be working closely with the EDEN president, António Teixeira, and...e in this new role, as requested by the EDEN President, is to develop a true communi...

1883 days ago