Workshop Themes

(Indicative, not exclusive)

  • How do emerging pedagogy models work in practice?
  • What did we learn from new technology tools?
  • Students as change agents – challenging teachers and university management
  • Expectations, attitude, behaviour and the changing profile of learners
  • Do teachers and instructors develop enough?
  • How do we treat learners with special needs?
  • What do students say?
  • How much does the the wisdom of crowds matter ? – Learning in social networks
  •  Changing teaching methods and the role of teachers in the learning process (“The university without teachers”)
  • Setting your own learning goals – Recognizing informal learning (vs. formal accreditation and degrees)
  • Reshaping the physical learning space – Including student devices (vs. excluding them from school premises)
  • New technologies to support new ways of learning (mobile learning, adaptive learning paths, learning analytics) vs sustainability (constant evolution of these technologies)

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