EDEN 2021 Virtual Annual Conference – UNED-Madrid First submission deadline approaching!

EDEN 2021 Virtual Annual Conference – UNED-Madrid
First submission deadline approaching!

“Lessons from a pandemic for the future of education”


Dear Members, Partners and Friends,

We kindly remind you that the first submission deadline, 31 March for the EDEN 2021 Virtual Annual Conference, hosted by the National Distance Education University UNED on 21-24 June is drawing close. Due to the upcoming Easter festive period, however, submissions arriving through April are still welcome. Submissions arriving by 31 March will be evaluated within two weeks, after that the evaluation process may take longer. 2021 marks EDEN’s 30th Anniversary year, therefore the Madrid Conference will be special to all of us in many regards. Hence a special debate of EDEN Presidents entitled “Session on Lessons of Past Milestones and Future Perspectives” will be included in the porgramme as well, dedicated to the 30th Anniversary. Please read more of the special Conference sessions below.

Special Conference Sessions

  • The new Digital Europe Action Plan and the Experience of the EU Education and Training DELTA working group
  • The Madrid EDEN Microcredential Declaration preparation workshop
  • EDEN Network of Academics and Professionals – new trajectories with the fresh Steering Committee
  • The EDEN European Journal – EURODL: with new Chief Editor, new online platform and services in 2021
  • EDEN 30th anniversary – lessons from the past and perspectives for the future
  • After the Brexit – the EDEN Future: Digital Learning Europe Association
  • The EDEN Fellows Council: advice and advocacy from our awarded members
  • R4C – Reflecting4Change: Advanced Support Framework and policy recommendations for schools to uptake sustainable innovation, interconnecting with the SELFIE tool

Main Topics of the Conference

  • The evolution of online and distance learning (ODL, ODeL, blended, hybrid, hyflex)
  • The transformation of face-to-face teaching, through online, to blended learning
  • Guidance for navigating “the new normal”.
  • Best practices for transitioning from emergency remote teaching to online learning
  • Digital preparedness, digital literacy, and digital citizenship
  • Ongoing developments in the continued adoption of Artificial Intelligence
  • Methodological advances (genius hour, bite-sized learning, social-emotional learning, gamification, experiential learning)
  • Potentiating health and wellness in online education
  • Non-traditional assessment solutions
  • Topics related to the EU Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027). Resetting education and training for the digital age:
  • Application of micro-credentials and alternative digital credentials in higher education
  • Reflections on the resilience of the education community during the pandemic – well being of teachers and students in online environment

Read the full topic list here.

The full list of the keynotes can be read HERE.
EDEN 2021 Conference Contact Information: madrid2021@eden-online.org