EDEN Progress 2019

Virtual events

The popularity of virtual events has not just continued, but accelerated: the 3 virtual events (EDLW, NAP webinars and OEW) altogether created 2626 registrations, 897 live participants online, the recordings of the webinars resulted in 6447 views. 90 presenters were engaged in the webinars altogether. That is a huge impact indeed.

One of the biggest accomplishments of the webinar series (EDLW, OEW, NAP webinars) is that it was the first time that 3 EDEN member orgnisations (LieDM, EADTU and ODLAA) took a joint initiative of organising further 5 webinars. LieDM held the webinar in their native language, in Lithuanian.

EDEN PhD Symposium

The PhD Seminar/Symposium series (not included in the preliminary plans for 2019, but continued with great success: not only within the framework of the Annual Conference, but also as pre-conference events at the ICDE World Conference on Open Education in Dublin. Altogether 33 PhD students presented their work and discussed the problems encountered throughout their research, and 22 of them got advice during the 4 workshops in Dublin.

Recognition of professional excellence – the EDEN Fellows

The Board of the EDEN Fellows Council was established to coordinate the work of the Council, and the Chair of the Board became a standing invitee of the EC meetings.

Policy works

In accordance with the Digital Education Action Plan the issue of alternative credentials remained high on the agenda and was discussed in 2 presentations, one workshop and one synergy session at the EDEN 19’ Annual Conference and got high attention at the EUA Annual Higher Education Reform Experts Conference with a panel discussion and a “break-out group” workshop as well. EDEN supported the implementation of the Digital Education Action Plan not only by its regular activities, but also by the participation of its members in the Digital Education: Learning, Teaching and Assessment (DELTA) Working Group activities.

EDEN publications visibility

To create greater visibility of our publications, we have entered into a publishing system that attaches DOI references for EURODL articles, and created ISSN numbers for Conference Proceedings.