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EDEN at the Education, digital technology, social cohesion and public policies


On 8-9 June 2022 Institut des Amériques will organize the "Education, digital technology, social cohesion and public policies" symposium, where EDEN President Sandra Kucina Softic is also invited. Her presentation will be on Wednesday 8 June 14:00 CEST at the…

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Reflections on 2021 – setting the path for the sustainable future of EDEN


This year is reaching its end, one more year with the COVID pandemic and with a number of restrictions on our lives, leading to isolation and working from home, which influence how we live, work, and learn. Nevertheless, the pandemic…

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EDEN Progress 2021


Navigation 30th Anniversary Events Recognition Publishing Policy Works 30th Anniversary 2021, EDEN’s 30th Anniversary year was special on so many levels. The official EDEN30 website has been set up. Nevertheless, the webpage is continuously enriched and upgraded, extended with substantial, meaningful content. You can…

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Hybridism with recognisable potential as learning theory


Schumann, C.-A., Kling, N. Hybridity as result of holistic thinking Hybridisation has increasingly become the focus of education thanks to Pandemic, even though we have been living and learning in hybrid systems since time immemorial. Hybridity was used in the…

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StraightTalk – OERs Unleashed: Why Now is the Perfect Time for Universities to Mainstream OERs


StraightTalk EDEN Council of Fellows Interview Series Host: Dr. Don Olcott,Jr., FRSA, Council Chair OERs Unleashed: Why Now is the Perfect Time for Universities to Mainstream OERs An Interview with Professor Rory McGreal EDEN Senior Fellow UNESCO/ICDE Chair for OER…

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Sandra Kucina Softic presenting on OEB Global Conference 2021


Sandra Kucina Softic, President of EDEN, is one of the speakers at OEB International Conference on 2 December, 12:00-13:00 with the title Learning Professionals' Communities of Practice. OEB Global is the annual global cross-sector conference and exhibition on technology-supported learning and training.…

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Innovative Pedagogy in Online Learning


Save the date! #EDEN will be represented by Sandra Kucina, Mark Brown and Steve Wheeler at the international virtual event titled 'Innovative Pedagogy in Online Learning' on Thursday, 18 November 2021, starting at 11 a. m. (CET), organised by the…

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An inspiring week of reflections for the EDEN community


EDEN thanks all the participants, moderators, panelists, organisers and partner associations who supported us in hosting once again an insightful European Online and Distance Learning Week. We welcomed a total of 700 online attendees at 8 webinars, with 36 moderators and…

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EDEN President, Sandra Kucina Softic will join a panel discussion on the Budapest Eurasia Forum 2021


#EDEN President, Sandra Kucina Softic will join a discussion on New Skills for a Digital Age – The Increasing Role of Digital Literacy in the frames of the Budapest #Eurasia Forum 2021 E-Conference titled “#Sustainable Recovery and Prosperity in Eurasia – Trends,…

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OCC 2021 Real change takes place in deep crisis


Co-organised by Ellinogermaniki Agogi, the Institute of Educational Policy, the European Distance and E-Learning Network and the EDEN Digital Learning Europe in the framework of the Reflecting for Change project, the aim of the Open Classroom Conference 2021 “Real change takes place in deep crisis” was to explore…

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