Over 600 registered participants and 4000 viewers at the November Open Classroom Virtual Conference in Athens, co-organised by EDEN

Open Classroom Conference 2020 “Open and Distance Education: New challenges and Perspectives” co-organised by the Ellinogermaniki Agogi, the Institute of Educational Policy and EDEN, took place on 6-8 November through virtual facilities (zoom and youtube) while participants were additionally able to join at the virtual conference hall of Ellinogermaniki Agogi in Second Life.

The Open Classroom Conference 2020 “New challenges for school change” highlighted the concept of Open School Culture that imports external ideas that challenge internal views and beliefs and, in turn, exports its students – and their assets – to the community it serves. Such an engaging environment makes a vital contribution to its community: student projects meet real needs in the community outside of school, they are presented publicly, and draw upon local expertise and experience. The school environment fosters learner independence – and interdependence – through collaboration, mentoring, and through providing opportunities for learners to understand and interrogate their place in the world.

The Open Classroom Conference 2020 “New challenges for school change” focused also on the use of self-reflection tools as a vehicle to support innovation and systemic change in schools. It focused on the use of self-reflection tools as a valid way to support innovation and systemic change in education. School heads, teachers, researchers, experts and other stakeholders had the opportunity to explore how schools may move from self-reflection to developing a comprehensive plan of action that utilises the results of a self-evaluation exercise. The conference presented the latest developments from the forward looking cooperation project Reflecting for Change as well as from the Joint Research Centre.

The conference also offered the occasion to schools to come together and exchange experiences, ideas and practices on innovative projects of open schooling that they have developed through their involvement in the Open School for Open Societies project. The conference also gave the stand to the schools that stood out in the “Build your own seismograph” Greek national school contest.

The conference in numbers

Keynote speeches: 5

  • Open Schooling for Science with and for Society”, Sylvia Osipof, European Commission, Research Executive Agency
  • SELFIE: A self-reflection tool empowering schools to become agents of change in the process of digital transformation”, Nikoleta Giannoutsou, European Commission, Joint Research Centre
  • Real Connection to the Real World: First Steps Towards Open Schooling”, Yair Ben-Horin, ORT Israel – Technology & Science Educational Network, Israel
  • Schools as sites for food system transformation”, Christian Bugge Henriksen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Educational Data Literacy for Emergency Remote Teaching“, Prof. Dr. Demetrios Sampson, Professor, Department of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus, Greece

Paper presentations: 15

  • “EEPN: Teachers and School Leaders – an EU policy and practice review”, Salamon, E., Kelly, P., Tulowitzki, P. Jurko, L., Želvys, R., Wisniewski, D., El-Nemr, T, ESHA, University of Plymouth, University of Ludwigsburg, NEPC, EFEE
  • Measuring School Innovation: The R4C Self-Reflection Tool”, Sotiriou, M., Science View, Greece
  • What can students get out of Social Innovation Education? Theorising ‘Engagement’ in Nemesis”, Garefi, I; Kalemaki, I; Kantsiou, S; Brentnall, C; Wall J; Protopsaltis, A, Nemesis – H2020 project.
  • #ParentsFirst – learnings from COVID-119 school closures for transforming education with parents engaged”, László, L., Salamon E., Kollmer , B-J., Correa, H., Parents International
  • MOOCs in a young Applied Sciences University: How to be David among Goliaths?”, Anne-Dominique Salamin, University of Applied Sciences (HES-SO) Balet ,Switzerland, Nicole Glassey,HES-SO Valais-Wallis, Sierre, Switzerland
  • Educating students as global citizens”, Argyri, P., Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna, National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, Smyrnaiou, Z., National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
  • Remote Learning During COVID-19 in Hisar School, Nahcivan”, L., Çermik, E., Hisar School
  • Distance education in primary school: blending synchronous and asynchronous education“, Vavouraki, A., Ellinigermaniki Agogi, Hellenic Open University, Greece
  • From the electroscope to cosmic rays”, Barouta, M., Kanychis, P., Ionian University, University of Aegean, Greece
  • 3d printing in online classroom” Budinski, N., Petro Kuzmjak school, Serbia
  • Build your own seismograph _TALOS”, Kontostathis C., Mitsikostas S., Balkamelis D., Vogiatzis C., Tsagadopoulos P., Proias G., University of Thessaly, TALOS, Greece
  • Teacher beliefs about foreign language assessment in virtual exchange”, Czura, A., Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Open schools as living labs co-creating innovation in partnership with local stakeholders“, Koulouris, P., Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Greece
  • Self reflection tools and community building towards an open and e-mature school“, Doran, R., NUCLIO – Núcleo Interactivo de Astronomia, Portugal
  • Using the power of 5G to deliver quality digital learning experiences outside the classroom“, Koulouris, P., Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Greece

School projects presentations: 44

  • «Το “άνοιγμα” του αειφόρου σχολείου στην τοπική και ευρύτερη κοινότητα μέσα από την αξιοποίηση της εκπαιδευτικής ρομποτικής και της εκπαίδευσης STEAM», Νηπιαγωγείο Κληματιάς Ιωαννίνων
  • «Τα παιδιά βοηθούν με την κλιματική αλλαγή», 4ο Νηπιαγωγείο Ν. Ιωνίας Βόλου
  • «Παιδαγωγική Φρενέ», Νηπιαγωγείο Παραλίας Βέργας
  • «Ο σχολικός μας κήπος», 5ο Δημοτικό σχολείο Kω
  • «Μειώνω το ενεργειακό μου αποτύπωμα», 22ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Καλαμάτας
  • «Μαθαίνω Ιστορία, Τέχνη , πολιτισμό εκτυπώνοντας σε 3D», 4ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Θέρμης Θεσσαλονίκης
  • «Τα κοιμητήρια της Ευαγγελίστριας», 2ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Αγίου Παύλου
  • «The Democratic Culture of CERN», 2o Μειονοτικό Δημοτικό Σχολείο Κομοτηνής
  • «Ραντεβού…στην αυλή», Δημοτικο σχολειο Οινοφυτων
  • «Η πόλη του Ήλιου», 2o Δημοτικό Σχολείο Βουτών
  • «Αξιοποιώ, δεν παραμελώ τις «κρυμμένες» ομορφιές του τόπου μου δημιουργώντας Λαογραφικό Μουσείο», Δημοτικό Σχολείο Δεσφίνας
  • «Κήπος ένα φυσικό εργαστήρι», Δημοτικό Σχολείο Δεσφίνας
  • «Μαθαίνω να περπατώ με ασφάλεια», Δημοτικό Σχολείο Δεσφίνας
  • «Τρέφομαι Υγιεινά και Αθλούμαι», Δημοτικό Σχολείο Δεσφίνας
  • «Αποστολή στον Άρη», 1ο Δημοτικό σχολείο Ωραιοκάστρου Θεσσαλονίκης
  • «Service Learning», Πινδάρειο 2ο γυμνάσιο Θήβας
  • «Κλιματική αλλαγή και καθημερινές συνήθειες», Βαρβάκειο Πρότυπο Γυμνάσιο
  • «Κοσμογραφία – Εξάντας – Κλιματική αλλαγή», Γυμνάσιο Λυκειακές Τάξεις Μαγούλας
  • «Το δέντρο του άνθρακα», 1ο Γυμνάσιο Μεταμόρφωσης
  • «Το “επιχειρείν” στην εκπαιδευτική διαδικασία», Γυμνάσιο Μακρυγιάλου
  • «Προσεγγίζοντας θέματα ενεργού Ευρωπαϊκής πολιτειότητας μέσω των OSOS έργων: “BEES(Y)”, “A tree for Europe” και “A real time virtual tour to European Parliament in Strasbourg”», 4o Γυμνάσιο Πετρούπολης
  • «Μαθηματικά, Ζάχαρη και Ιατρική Απεικόνιση», 1ο Γυμνάσιο Βριλησσίων
  • «Composting and Students», 6ο Γυμνάσιο Ηρακλείου Κρήτης
  • «Το φως: κλασσική και σύγχρονη προσέγγιση», Γυμνάσιο- Λυκειακές Τάξεις Λαιμού
  • «Learning Science Through Theatre», Γενικό Λύκειο Μελισσίων
  • «Πολίτες στην βιώσιμη κοινωνία του μέλλοντος. Generation Z Global Citizen fighting for the future (Citi. Gen Z+)», Πρότυπο Γενικό Λύκειο Ευαγγελικής Σχολής Σμύρνης
  • «Μετρώντας το θυμό του Εγκέλαδου», 2ο Γενικό Λύκειο Καλαμαριάς
  • «Οι Φυσικές Επιστήμες πάνε… Θέατρο- Science Please», 4ο Γενικό Λύκειο Αχαρνών
  • «2nd Gerakas Senior High School: An Eco-friendly and Safe School in Constant Interaction with its Community», 2ο Γενικό Λύκειο Γέρακα
  • «Συμπεριλαμβάνω την καινοτομία στην Περιβαλλοντική Εκπαίδευση», ΕΝΕΕΓΥΛ Αιγάλεω
  • «Ηχογραφήσεις και ψηφιακές ιστορίες για ένα καλύτερο πλανήτη», ΕΕΕΕΚ ΕΛΕΥΣΙΝΑΣ
  • «Μαθαίνοντας τα βιολογικά συστήματα του ανθρώπου μέσα από το θέατρο», 1ο Πειραματικό Λύκειο Αθηνών Γεννάδειο
  • «Μετεωρολογία και τέχνη», 1o Γενικό Λύκειο Αγίου Αθανασίου
  • «Αντιρρύπανση και επαγγελματική ευθύνη στη Θάλασσα», 9ο ΕΠΑΛ Πειραιά
  • Junior High School and High School Classes of Magoula, Karditsa
  • American Farm High School Thessaloniki
  • 1st High School of Kessariani, Athens
  • 4th Primary School of Almyros and 12th Primary School of Volos (collaboration of the two schools)
  • 27th Primary School of Volos and 4th Primary School of Nea Ionia, Volos (collaboration of the two schools)
  • Primary School of Giannitsochori, Ilia
  • 1st Primary School of Igoumenitsa
  • 2nd Primary School of Mandra, Attica
  • 5th Primary School of Rhodes
  • Vocational School of Karditsa

Workshops: 6

  • Bringing Citizen Science and Frontier Physics Into the Classroom
  • Playing with Protons
  • Science as a whole: Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary student-centered teaching
  • Online Teaching in early primary school
  • Supporting in service teachers to use and produce research
  • Computational Thinking and problem solving in primary schools

Parallel event: 1 with 13 presentations

  • Measuring our Environment: How the Future Learning Unit at Fab Lab Barcelona is bridging the gap between research, education and society Sally Bourdon (Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC for Food Tech 3.0)
  • Food waste prevention at schools: the case of Avignon Elsa Chiffard-Carricaburu (Ville d’Avignon)
  • Food waste prevention: a case from Italy Antonio Spera (Avanzi Popolo)
  • FIT4FOOD2030’s City Labs: Co-developing Educational Resources on Food Systems and Transformation Cristina Paca (ECSITE)
  • BigO Big data against childhood Obesity in Schools: use cases from Sweden and comparison with Greece Ioannis Ioakeimidis (Karolinska Institute)
  • OCARIoT Smart Childhood Obesity Caring Solution using IoT potential: Implementing OCARIoT in Real School Settings Kostantinos Soutos (EA)
  • Schools as sites for Food Experience & Food System Transformation, FOODSHIFT2030: Athens Lab Katerina Riviou (EA), Ηelen Konstantinou & Popi Zinelli (Municipality of Pallini)
  • Innovations in the Food System; Integration of Research into Classroom  Students Familiarisation with innovations in primary food production and technology: Precision Agriculture and  3D FoodPrinting PostDoc Sofia Papadaki (Department of Process and Systems Analysis, Design and Development, National Technical University of Athens)
  • Zero Waste Schools Dimitrios Kalaitzidis (Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Attica, 4th Centre)
  • Boroume at School: food waste begins from students Alexander Theodoridis (Boroume, Saving Food -Saving Lives)
  • Educational activities and contests by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature Theodora Polyzoidou (Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature)
  • Experiential Programs Connecting People to Nature Vickie Stavropoulou (Organisation Earth)
  • Sustainable Urban Development: Educational activities by InCommon Eleni Intzidi και Marina Koumoutsakou (InCommOn)

Registrations: 617

Youtube channel: 4057 views