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R4C project proposed a School Innovation Model and announced the OSOS summer school

R4C proposes School Innovation Model that defines the specific elements to depict innovation in schools (based on the SELFIE and OSOS-SRT indicators), as well as additional relevant indicators and metrics for measuring it based on holistic collection of educational data (e.g. teachers and students involvement in communities of practice, school generated contents and initiatives, students interest and motivation).

The design of the School Innovation Model adopts a holistic conceptualization of school innovation. It builds on the concept of e-Maturity and School Openness and extend it to incorporate the competences and/or professional identity of the teaching staff regarding a) to the use of ICT and b) the adoption of an open culture in their practice. A state-of-the-art systematic literature review and analysis of existing e-Maturity and School Openness frameworks was performed so as to formulate a detailed set of School Innovation elements.Read more..

The announcement of the OSOS summer school, an initiative of the twin project OSOS running parallel with R!C appeared on both projects’ website. 

Read more information about the R4C project on its website.