Second CARER+ Newsletter is out now

The CARER+ project issued its second newsletter on the occasion of the successful validation of its Digital Competence Framework (presented at the EDEN 2013 Annual Conference in Oslo) and the start of its piloting programme. Read the details below:

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This is the official newsletter of the European project CARER+ 
CARERplus project: developing comepetences of carers to improve the quality of life of older people

First Validation Workshop gives ‘Gold Star’ to Competence Framework

The Carer+ Users and Stakeholders Review Panel composed of twenty Europeans experts and stakeholders from all sectors of Care met in Brussels on 6th June to review the Carer+ ‘Competence Framework’. The objective was to carry out a more in-depth, structured review of the Competence Framework, a key deliverable of the Carer+ project. What makes the CARER+ Framework special is its practice to identify the transversal AND professional competences that help care workers implement digital technology in domiciliary care, and improve the quality of life of older people.
Read the details here
by Veronique Maes, Arcola   

Carer+ Pilot Testing Programme

Pilot testing the new technologies and approaches  is a key element of the project including the detailed assessment of the Li1 and Webnapperon devices – supported by Internet Tablets and other Smart Networked Objects – tested with 500 users selected from five countries: France, Italy, Latvia, Romania and Spain. In the pilot phase 200 carers will be involved in  a training programme lasting 200 hours as part of a Continuous Professional Development Programme (CPD) and a further 50 informal care givers will participate via an Adult Learning Programme. At the same time, 250 care recipients will be equipped with smart devices. The pilot phase starts in September 2013 with the 200 hours (4 months) training for the carer using e-learning platform for carers supported by 5 mentors in each country , followed by a 6 months home care service provision period.

by Masha Tarle & Margit Kinyik, Telecentres Europe

Competence Framework launched at EDEN 2013 Conference

The Carer+ Digital Competence Framework was presented in Session C3: E-Learning in Diverse Socio-Economic Settings on the first day of the conference. The CARER+ Competence Framework adopts the modern notion of digital competence understood both as a key competence for employability and a comprehensive life skill.

by Eva Suba, EDEN  

News from partners

The European Commission organised a Conference on “Exploiting the employment potential of personal and household services” in January 2013, in Brussels.The Commission presented a Staff Working Document earlier in 2012, in the framework of the “Employment Package”. This document addresses a number of different issues concerning these services, such as the increasing demand for care and household services as population is ageing in all Member States, the activities contributing to individual and household well-being at home as an important new source of jobs, providing formal employment in personal and household services that will contribute to better quality of services and better working conditions, etc. If you missed the Conference you’ll find access to:

During the conference three films were broadcast. Here are the links to view them:
Link to robot Rose
Link to robot Aina
Link to IPERIA

Hello Carers Campaign

Hello Carers seeks to raise community awareness of the role of carers and the significant contribution they make to society. It aims to encourage people with caring responsibilities to access assistance and support, including the many carers who do not identify themselves as a carer.

Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP:  AAL Forum The annual conference of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP), the AAL Forum, will take place in Norrköping, Sweden, between 24 and 26 September 2013.

High-tech care with a heart
An interesting interview with Andrea Schmidt, from the European Center for Social Welfare Policy and Research in Vienna on the significance of ICTs for long-term care
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