Thought-provoking Anna Kirah in Interview

As one of the prominent keynote speakers of  The Joy of Learning – 2013 EDEN Annual Conference, Anna Kirah  opens up to Helen Keegan in an exclusive virtual conversation on why educators need to change their approach to their students, what the people-centered approach means and what the Cookie Soup has to do with creativity. Anna also gave a live interview on arranged as a webinar related the EDEN 2013 Annual Conference. Watch Alastair Creelman interviewing her here.

Anna Kirah is internationally known for her pioneering methods  within people ? centered innovation in the design of   services, products and organizational change. Starting out as a design anthropologist, has studied life stages on every continent for over 15  years. Currently working at Making Waves, she has  received several international awards including  Contributor of the Year at Microsoft, an award for her work in global strategy.

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