UN UNESCO OER Recommendations, the Way Forward for Member Countries

Wednesday, January 29 2020, 15:30 CET
in EDEN’s dedicated Adobe Connect room
EDEN NAP webinar and #EDENChat


195 UNESCO member states adopted the UNESCO Recommendation for Future International Collaboration in the field of Open Educational Resources (OER) in November 2019. This is a unique and important milestone that offers a great opportunity to promote open education worldwide.
In this webinar, the five key points of the recommendations will be presented and reflected by experts. In addition, the way forward will be worked out by the experts, and there will be time for participants’ reflections and to raise questions.

The webinar is a contribution of the EDEN NAP (Network of Academics) and the EDEN Special Interest Group (SIG) on Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) and Quality Enhancement (QE).

Professor, Dr., Ebba Ossiannilsson, ICDE EC, ICDE OER Advocacy Committee, Chair. EDEN EC, EDEN SIG TEL QE, EDEN NAP

Panel members
Professor, Dr., Ebba Ossiannilsson, ICDE EC, ICDE OER Advocacy Committee, Chair. EDEN EC, EDEN SIG TEL QE, EDEN NAP
Professor, Dr., Rory McGreal, UNESCO/ICDE Chair in OER, Co-Editor IRRODL, Athabasca University
Jennryn Wetzler, Creative Commons, ICDE OER Advocacy Committee
Dr. Andreia Inamorato Dos Santos, Joint Research Center (JRC)
Dr. Sandra Kucina Softic, University of Zagreb University Computing Centre, EDEN President

Registered webinar participants will be awarded by EDEN open badges.

The webinar will be followed by #EDENChat hosted by Ebba Ossiannilsson @EbbaOssian. Besides the five key points of the recommendations, the way forward at different levels (micro, meso and macro level) will be discussed. See you on Twitter at 18:00 CET, after the webinar.

#EDENChat is an online discussion event on Twitter initiated by Steering Committee of the EDEN Network of Academics and Professionals (NAP). It is mediated by members of the NAP community and runs for approximately 1 hour. Anyone can join in and contribute to the discussion which is presented in a Question and Answer format and focuses on current issues in distance, open and e-learning. All sessions start at 18:00 CEST.
Previous #EDENChats are listed on the EDEN website according to topics.

You will meet

Prof., Dr., Ebba Ossiannilsson is an independent researcher, expert, quality assessor and influencer in the fields of open online flexible, distance learning, including e-learning TEL, OER and MOOCs. Her focus is on quality, innovation, leadership, and personal, learning. She is in EDEN EC, Chair the EDEN SIG for TEL and quality enhancement, EDEN Fellow, and EDEN Council of Fellows. She is in the ICDE EC, and Chair the ICDE Advocacy Committee, for the worldwide advocacy of OER. Ossiannilsson is a quality expert and reviewer for ICDE, and the EADTU, and an evaluator and expert for the European Commission. She works with the Swedish Institute of Standards and ISO. She is a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Sweden. Ossiannilsson is VP of the Swedish Association for Distance Education. Ossiannilsson hold her PhD from Oulu University, Finland, with a dissertation on benchmarking e-learning in higher education. She led the ICDE’s quality standard study in 2014-2015. She is in the editorial board of several scientific journals.

Prof., Dr., Rory McGreal is the UNESCO/International Council for Open and Distance Education Chair in Open Educational Resources (OER) at Athabasca University, Canada. As such he is charged with promoting OER internationally particularly in developing nations in support of UNESCO Strategic Development Goal 4: Education for all. He is also co-Editor of IRRODL (International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning) a leading open access educational technology journal. He is the founder of the OER Knowledge Cloud, a repository of research articles on OER. He is also the recipient of several national and international awards for open and distance learning.

Jennryn Wetzler is the Assistant Director of Open Education at Creative Commons. Prior to CC, Jennryn worked on open policy and open educational resources (OER) at the U.S. Department of State, piloting OER use for public diplomacy and global partnerships. She’s also enjoyed gaining perspective of different education needs through international development work in Thailand and Niger. Jennryn has a Masters in ‘Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs’ from American University’s School for International Service. She currently lives in Maryland with her husband Nick and son Ezra. Jennryn enjoys teaching yoga and feeding her more daring friends cooking experiments.

Dr. Andreia Inamorato Dos Santos is a researcher, lecturer and international consultant into open education and educational technology. Currently she works at the European Commission, Joint Research Centre (2013-present). Her role involves research and policy support on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Learning, Skills and Open Education. Her work contributes to finding opportunities and challenges of ICT and open educational practices’ implementation at a policy level to innovate and modernize teaching, learning and training practices. Her current focus is on the promotion and uptake of openness in higher education institutions and EU Member States.

Dr. Sandra Kucina Softic is EDEN president and Assistant Director for Education and User Support at the University of Zagreb University Computer Centre (SRCE). Her work is focused on monitoring and fostering the e-learning implementation in higher education institutions in Croatia and providing support and advice to institutions, teachers and students in implementation of new technologies in learning and teaching process. She was appointed Croatian representative in ET2020 Working group on Digital Skills and Technologies (2016-2018) and in ET2020 Working group on Digital Education: learning, teaching and Assessment (2018-2020). She obtained a master’s degree in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh, UK in 2014. From 2016 to 2019 she was EDEN vice-president for Open Professional Collaboration.