Excellence & Innovation

Do you value professional recognition? See the list of our EDEN Fellows and Senior Fellows and get to know how you can earn some of our awards and open badges.

EDEN promotes excellence and innovation using both formal and informal methods, helps recognising and valuing competences, and strives to improve the quality and efficiency of education by supporting the EU 2020 objectives.

Our conferences engage their participants in face-to-face collaboration and networking activities offering platform and opportunities for professional development. We enable and encourage younger practitioners’ access to these opportunities by offering low fees, and enhancing their professional profile by granting Young Scholars Awards.

Our established formal award schemes, such as the EDEN Fellow, Senior Fellow and Best Research Paper Awards were recently extended by the introduction of the Best Practice Initiative Award. We also encourage the continuous attainment of professional development goals by awarding open badges to our conference participants and authors – the most involved supporters of our professional activities, therefore, can benefit from a wide range of recognition means of their demonstrated skills & competencies.