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2018 Line Between Non-formal and Formal Education – Recognition and Credentialing of Learning EDLW 2018

Tuesday, November 6, 2018: 13:00-14:30 CET

Moderator: Daniel Ulf Ehlers, Co-Operative State University Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, EDEN Executive Committee Member

Format: Presentations/panel

Description: As lifelong learning is coming from a myth to reality, education is increasingly diversifying. No longer a standard formal degree is the rule of the day but more and more education is an episodical process throughout life. While policy enthusiastically embraces these and related ideas, practice is still struggling with following. And in between the ensuing debate, labour market is announcing that “long-term”, “bullet proofed” degrees are no longer the currency of the day for them but that small certified experiences, competences and skills which have been gained through practical experiences are often much more speaking to them. The question can be posed: are we arriving at a new era of education? One which is much more focussing on informal learning, non-formal learning and microcredentials instead of the traditional bachelor and master degree?


  • Airina Volunevičiene, VMU & Sandra Kucina Softic, SRCE; title of the presentation: ReOPEN: Recognition of Valid and Open Learning – Impact and established collaboration
  • Alfredo Soeiro, University of Porto, EDEN Senior Fellow; title of the presentation: Validation of competences from virtual, non formal or informal learning: a proposal
  • Ildiko Mazar, Research & Development Associate, Knowledge Innovation Centre; title of presentation: Open Credentials for Open Education Moving the Needle Forward
  • Giedrė Tamoliūnė, Vytautas Magnus University; title of the presentation: Online learners’ interactions and engagement into study process