Project runtime: 1 Nov 2017 - 31 Jan 2020

Homepage: https://oepass.eu/

The project aims at collecting the challenges and creating solution to optimise the recognition of individual credits with respect of the opportunities and structure of open education and virtual mobility.

Establishing a concept of a ’quality credential’, creating a standard format for describing open education and virtual mobility experiences in terms of ECTs are in the focus of the project through a proposed framework for the automatic exchange of information about open educational experience and its recognition.

The project will significantly expand the European knowledge-base on recognition of open learning through

  • A quality system for analysing the quality of credentials through a lens of ease-of-recognition and portability;
  • Creating a Learning Passport: a standard form to collect information about open education experiences;
  • Recognition and verification of credentials in open education by a proposal for a technological infrastucture to support the portability and recognition of open credentials;
  • A methodology for the calculation, verification and assessment of learning outcomes and workload in digital environments using ECTS for open education;
  • Realising the scope of Open Education through credentialisation. The report will look at the future of Open Education, by considering a set of scenarios where education is fully open or fully closed, and where the systems of credentialisation is fully open or fully closed.