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Project runtime: 1 Jan 2007 - 31 Dec 2007

Homepage: http://sputnic.europace.org/


Socrates Programme, Accompanying Measures

SPUTNIC aims at raising awareness about the beneficial impact of the (pedagogically sound) implementation of new educational technologies that enhance international networking and collaboration for an institution, its staff and its students. By spreading know-how in those educational technologies from successful Minerva and other Socrates projects that boost international cooperation and by providing a theoretical background as well as practical models and hands-on experience, SPUTNIC wishes to stimulate teaching staff to engage in initiatives on international mobility and international cooperation.

As for activities SPUTNIC aims at targeted dissemination of existing training materials, guest presentations and best-practise demonstrations from current and passed Socrates projects as well as training materials available at the partner institutions through face-to-face and highly practical training activities supported by a public, interactive training website. The training activities consist of a series of seminars, workshops and a student symposium.