ODS Conference on Open Innovation in Schools: Bringing Policy into Practice

Open Innovation in Schools: Bringing Policy into Practice

11 May 2015, Bruxelles, Belgium

The Open Discovery Space conference focused on the long-term sustainability of open innovation and digital education in European schools. The discussion allowed policy makers and practitioners to discover and familiarise with the ODS project and current ICT practices in European schools. In particular, it examined:

  • How the policy context created by the Digital Agenda for Europe and Opening up Education action, together with their related challenges, are addressed by ODS;
  • How both policy makers and practitioners are shaping the European digital landscape in schools;
  • Successes and lessons learnt from the ODS project and how these can support the preparation of better and sustainable policies at both the EU and national level.

The conference gathered high-level speakers from both the national and EU policy-making levels. Representations was also be provided by the practitioners who innovate in the European schools landscape on a daily basis and “on the ground” and who can provide input and recommendations from the bottom up.

Key speakers

  • Snezana Markovic, State Secretary for Education of the Republic of Serbia
  • Andrea Bocskor, Member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chair of the CULT Committee
  • Gérald Santucci, “Knowledge Sharing” Head of Unit at DG CONNECT
  • Dr. Sofoklis Sotiriou, Head of R&D Department of Ellinogermaniki Agogi, the first research department that operates in the school environment in Greece

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