T.I.P.S. Guidelines on Quality Assurance for OER

Related to the theme of the 8th EDEN Research Workshop (EDENRW8) Prof. Paul Kawachi (Indira Gandhi National Open University, India) has developed T.I.P.S. guidelines (Teaching and learning process, the Information and material content, the Presentation, Product and Format, and System, Technical and Technology) on quality assurance for OER. The T.I.P.S. Guidelines have been published by COL/CEMCA and are available at http://cemca.org.in/ckfinder/userfiles/files/OERQ_TIPS_978-81-88770-07-6.pdf.

Further suggested related reading under the heading “An OER architecture framework : Need and design.” : Khanna & Basak (2013) in: International Review of Research in Open and distance Learning (IRRODL), Vol. 14 (1), 65-83