EDEN NAP webinar: Assessing OERs quality – the Open VM mini-MOOC case


The “Assessing OERs quality – the Open VM mini-MOOC case” webinar took place on Wednesday, 3 April 2019 at 15:30 CEST with Francesca Amenduni from the University of Foggia and Roma TRE University, Italy in EDEN’s dedicated Adobe Connect room.…

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#EDENChat: MOOC strategies in European higher education


MOOC development and innovation in Europe is growing steadily and has overtaken that of North America and many European institutions are developing MOOCs on local or regional platforms rather than via the major consortia. There is also a growing level…

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OpenMed Webinar: Localising OER and MOOC – Reimagining Education in the Arab World


The OpenMed project's webinar "Localising OER and MOOC - Reimagining Education in the Arab World" will take place on 21 November at 18:00 CET.

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Next EDEN NAP webinar: 7 December 2017


New Global Challenges for Quality Development in Open Online Learning - the next webinar of the EDEN Special Interest Group on Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) and Quality Enhancement (QE) will take place on Thursday, 7 December 15:00-16:00. Register to participate!

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The second edition of the MOOC: “D-TRANSFORM: University Strategies in the Digital Age” started on 4 September 2017


Join this self-paced MOOC to learn about digital resources, and especially OER and MOOCs, as a strategic factor for university transformation, with a special focus on teaching and learning processes. The course promotes executive reflection on hands-on challenges and offers…

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Invitation to the Open Badge MOOC, Session 3


Open Badges in Higher Education, 15 May 2017 – 09 July 2017

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Open education for refugees – Optimizing diversity through MOOCs – an EDEN NAP webinar


How can open education, in particular MOOCs, offer relevant solutions to help refugees gain access to higher education and employment in their new homelands? When: Wednesday 19 April, 15.00-16.00 CET Where: Online via Adobe Connect (link to the meeting room…

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The Open Badge MOOC 2. Session is starting


The Open Badge MOOC continues with Session 2: Policy & Open Badges

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Global Survey on the Quality of MOOCs is launched


It is the first Global Survey on the Quality of Open Education and Massive Open Online Courses, short MOOCs. We would like to invite MOOC learners, MOOC designers and MOOC facilitators to contribute to the improvement of future MOOC. The…

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The Open Badge MOOC has started


Open Badges – An emerging movement to recognise non-formal and informal learning - Free online course Open Badges are growing rapidly. There are deep implications of this new technology and movement in policy, employment, informal learning and higher education. The…

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